Braeden’s Thoughts

I really love and miss my little baby brother Kross.  He was so special to me.  I wish I could of helped him to grow up to be a good big brother.  I just wish he didn’t have to do die.  I don’t understand why God took him, but I know that he is OK in heaven. Although, Kross is in heaven he is having a very great time.  I know that we are sad sometimes, but when we are sad we will think of Kross a bunch.  I can actually feel Kross rubbing my cheek trying to make me smile.  My little brother also talks about Kross being around him and touching his cheeks.  Gunner showed me how he pulled his cheeks up to form a smile.  I wish my brother was here so I could be hugging him and kissing him and I sometimes think about Kross and have very sad dreams.  But someday when I go to heaven I am going to be able to see everyone from my family that died.  Kross Scottland Swindle would of been the best brother ever.  When I saw his little eyes closed and he was so beautiful I knew that he would of been one of the most beautiful babies in the world.  I hope he is having lots of fun with everyone in my family that has died before him.  I say goodnight to my Kross and I wish I could see him again.  I know one day I will, but I just wish I  could see him alive and hold him one last time.  I love and miss you Kross.  If Gunner could write I’m sure that he would say the same things.  We all miss him so much.   We love you.

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  1. That is so sweet, Braeden. Kross must be so proud of his big brother! :-)

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