Medical Junk

OK. Where to start? First of all they did a blood test to see if the infection was completely gone. I am still running a low grade fever 99-100 ever since I got out of the hospital. So, should know about that soon. Second, I still have the fluid in between the abdomen wall and muscle causing pain, burning and tenderness. She scheduled me for another, “Hellacious” ultrasound next Wednesday. I struggle immensely with the pain of seeing the empty ultrasound screen. Let’s face it; it rips my heart out at this moment in my life. But, it is necessary. She said that if the fluid is still just fluid she will refer me to a general surgeon for removal. If it was blood and had now developed fibrous material we would not be able to remove it and we or should I say I will just have to deal with the pain that it is causing and hope that it is reabsorbed. Don’t want any more types of surgery in-patient or out for a while, but am so tired of the pain in my abdomen. Everything I wear, even lose materials causes pain. Third, she explained that the genetic allele defect would cause me to develop micro clots and that for the time being I would simply need to take a Bayer 81 everyday. As, I get older I will probably have to start taking something like cumiden. Also, makes me more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. It is some type of inhibitor I am missing. Next, she said that the baby’s placenta had focally centered groupings of these micro clots and that she could never with 100% accuracy say that this is what took Kross’s life, but that she felt comfortable in saying that in her opinion these clots from my body are what caused him to be born a sleeping angel. She told me that I was very fortunate that nothing happened to my other 2 children. She said that if I happen to get pregnant again ever that I would have to be on Heparin shots to prevent this from happening to another child and that Heparin would have no after affects for the baby. I really can’t even fathom having another child at this point, but…Anyway she said that she would not recommend pregnancy until I get the heart thing taken care of. The heart doctor refuses to move forward until the OB gets everything on her end cleared up. So, I am in a holding pattern at this moment. The we talked about my last ultrasound before the c-section I asked her to tell me what the radiologist report said and if there was something wrong with his umbilical cord because it appeared to me that day that the technician really focused hard on it and she asked me how long it would be before they took him. My doctor said that his report did say that he did have a small issue with the flow increasing by like 1.7 points. She said that this might have been a sign of small distress, but that it was very negligible to her at the time. I discussed with her my anger with the high risk OB for dismissing me and telling me that all of the issues with Kross during the pregnancy were just because of the meds and that he would be born happy and healthy after he got all of my meds out of his system. I told my doctor how guilty I felt for not fighting harder for Kross. If one of my other 2 children had considered to be sick and not act right over the course of 6 months I would have changed doctors or thrown a fit until something was done about it. She said that she understood my feelings. She really just gave me the head shake and listened, because I’m sure she doesn’t want to bad mouth another doctor or risk lawsuit. Work will have to continue to wait until heart doctor can get everything in line. I called and told them about all of the results today. I do not know if this clotting thing will impact my heart condition and treatment or not. The doctor also said that I could not be on any kind of medication containing hormones for the rest of my life. NO birth control, hormone replacements, etc… I did not enjoy the information today. I did not enjoy most of the visit and will really dread next week. She told me I need to get a PCP to rally all of my doctors at once for all of the information to be gathered and focused for my best care. She also thinks I might need to get BP medicine to help with diastolic pressure. I told her I think it is just stress related. She said maybe but I needed to see. Also, am going to be referred for genetic counseling along with my 2 boys to see if there is anything else I need to know and if my children got the defective gene passed on to them. I know this is a long note, but so was the doctor’s visit.

The following day the ultrasound went horrible.  They found the seroma, it was centered directly were the pain was radiating from.  They were supposed to remove it, but it was to deep and they were concerned about perforating the bowel.  In essence, we’re sorry you will have to live with it, but the body will eventually absorb it.  So I found out I have a gallstone the size of a marble and some of the horrible episodes I have been having have been related to that.  I now have a UTI infection and a bladder infection as well…more to follow I am sure.

October 17th, 2009

OK, so now I have a UTI and bladder infection.  They believe that they are going to go ahead and take out my gallbladder, because of the attacks.  They are also discussing exploratory surgery to check out where the pain in my abdomen is coming from.  I am so tired of being sick.

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